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Donovan Shilling on Good Day Rochester talking about his new book, Rochester Made Means Quality

Marketing, branding and public relations is what The Pancoast Concern, Ltd. has been doing effectively for companies and organizations for 30 years. So it makes sense that those skills have successfully translated to our book publishing division, Pancoast Publishing.
Not many new authors realize how complicated book publishing is. Much more goes into book publishing than simply writing, editing and printing a book. Pancoast Publishing provides its authors with all of the book publishing services needed to design, publish and distribute professional books that can be marketed effectively to your target audience.

With hundreds of books being published daily, it's easy to get lost in the crowd without representation that can market your book effectively. We have the connections to media outlets that will maximize the publicity of your book to your potential readers.

Our book publishing services include:

  • Copyright Registrations
  • Obtaining of the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • Production
  • Proofing and Editing
  • Fulfillment

For more information on what Pancoast Publishing can do for your book please give us a call at

(585) 924-7160
or contact us for more information.
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